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Our offer

What do we offer?
Biogradex®-Holding employs highly trained professionals with long experience in design and construction of wastewater treatment plants. The core personnel remain practically unchanged from the inception of the Company.
Biogradex® technology is patent protected and our Company is the exclusive designer, supplier and installer of the equipment.
  • Prior to implementation of Biogradex® technology at an existing facility we evaluate the application and provide free of charge proposal for use of our technology.
  • We offer full design of wastewater treatment facility with use of Biogradex® technology including building permits.
  • We provide General Contractor services for the construction of wastewater treatment plants with use of our technology.
  • We supply process and technology services for the projects where design and construction services are provided by others.
  • We provide start-up and commissioning services including all required documents and manuals.
  • We train plant personnel in use of our technology.
  • Biogradex® - Holding fully guarantees performance of the modified plants.
When required, we cooperate with recognized universities in Poland and other countries in the area of process evaluation at all stages of our projects. We value very much this cooperation since it brings new knowledge and experience and builds good relationships between science and business.
We work having interest of our Clients, environment and cost effectiveness in mind. All our existing facilities provide effluent quality above that required by regulations and do not use more energy than conventional treatment technologies. Environmental impact of our plants is significantly smaller of that of conventional plants due to reduced size of our installations.
Biogradex® - Holding uses licensed CAD and modeling software’s. We are also fully equipped to provide construction and installation services for the wastewater treatment facilities.