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Biogradex ® Company was established in 1989. The main purpose of the Company was to design environmental protection facilities. In 1994 the company Biogradex® – Holding Ltd was instated with the mandate not only to design but also to build facilities using Biogradex® technology. In 1994 the first full scale wastewater treatment facility (still in operation) using Biogradex® technology was built.
The main founder and majority shareholder of the Company is Mr. Andrzej Golcz. Co-owner is Mr. Janusz Szalach. The Company was established based on his Biogradex® patented wastewater treatment process. It is a ground breaking technology providing affordable BNR solution to the new and existing activated sludge wastewater treatment plants. However, despite the experience, due to its cost effectiveness and novel approach to the wastewater treatment process it is still not widely accepted for the large application. The Company decided to support research necessary for the proper marketing of the technology. The research results indicate very high effectiveness and low energy consumption of the treatment process.
The Company takes part in IFAT exhibition in Munich (year 2002 and 2010), IWA Specialized Conferences in Krakow (2005 and 2009), IFAT China exhibition in Shanghai (2010). Several papers including those at IWA and Western Canada and British Columbia Water and Wastewater Associations conferences are presented. Technology description is also published in IWA Technology Journals. The technology received wide recognition by the engineers from Europe, South Korea, China, USA and Canada. The Company takes part in POLEKO fares in Poland (2002, 2008) where the technology receives several awards.
Currently the Company is promoting the Biogradex® technology on international markets (China, South Korea, USA, Canada, and Sweden) as well as in Poland. There are several facilities being currently built or modified using Biogradex® technology.

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